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Sport Psychology

The world of sport and performance is finally realizing what many of us have know for years: the mental side of performance is as important as the physical side of performance.  

I love helping athletes, musicians, students and other performers gain greater understanding of the mental aspects of performance and the specific mental skills that will help them achieve their goals and dreams.  

The reason this is so meaningful to me is that I know that these mental skills are exactly what I needed to have but didn't as a young athlete.  Had I had these skills, I would have been more able to dream big and achieve those dreams.  

I help educate performers about the mental side of competition, collaborate them to develop these skills further, and co-create a specific plan to help them achieve true fulfillment and success, in sport, performance, and life.  

Specialty Areas

Individual consultation with Athletes, Musicians, Students and other performers

  • Assessment of mental skill strengths and areas for growth
  • Education and collaboration on success goals
  • Exploration of barriers to success
  • Personal Enhancement/Performance Improvement

Workshops and Public Speaking on Various Topics Including

  • Sport and business performance
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Mental Focus
  • Parenting of athletes and performers
  • Family Communication
  • Coping With Teenagers
  • Enhancing Peak Performance in Your Children
  • Assertive Communication
  • Music Performance

Common Myths About Sport Psychology

Some people fear that seeking sport and performance psychology suggests they have a weakness or a character flaw. On the contrary, our work together is a positive and strength-focused collaboration. If you are a human, you have inherent strengths and areas for growth and improvement, and it takes much more strength and courage to recognize a problem or seek improvement in some area and it takes little courage to stay the same or “sweep things under the rug.”  Most clients seem to find that once they enter my office, they feel more heard, more supported, more comfortable, and do not experience judgement or criticism. 

On the contrary, they experience ENCOURAGEMENT AND INSPIRATION.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you as your sport psychologist, please fill out the form below.