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Dr. Beach is an incredibly insightful, deliberate, and supportive coach who digs deep and gets to the heart of the matter. I've appreciated his insights and perspective, as well as the welcoming, spacious environment he creates. He is as professional as he is personable, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him - highly recommend!

Talia R., Solopreneur

John Beach is a natural born leader, and trusted coach. He brings a strong presence, yet allows me a safe space to open up and feel comfortable. John has a keen awareness for asking empowering questions that make me feel like I have known him my whole life. I always feel like I can reach my highest potential when working with John, and that has helped me grow in my own journey. He listens with an attentive ear, offers an inviting coaching style, and is always genuinely invested in the process. I could not recommend John enough, he is the real deal!

Jenn B., Educator and Coach

As a certified mental performance coach myself, I was going to be extremely selective when choosing the right coach for my teen daughter. John's energy, experience and demeanor spoke volumes about who he is as a person and immediately peaked my interest.  His unique blend of sports psychology and mental performance coaching provided the perfect fit for my daughter and her needs.  He challenged her, supported her through injury and setbacks, kept her accountable, and allowed her to create a plan for herself that she truly took ownership of. Without John, my daughter's senior year would have been an entirely different experience for her. She is now optimistic, driven, focused, and glowing with confidence.  I will be forever grateful for John's transformative coaching techniques.  I would highly recommend Exalt Coaching to any high performer who is ready to take themself to the next level! 

Katie H., Rodeo Parent and Mental Performance Coach 

Dr. Beach, I do not know what you did in your meetings with my son, but you are like a miracle worker. He was like a totally different person during these two days of tournament golf. Thank You!!!!!

Mike C., Golf Parent

Dr. Beach was recommended to me… when my son was ten years old. My son’s behavior was out of control. He was a victim of bullying at school, and was increasingly angry and aggressive at home, with very poor social skills… I did not know how to help him or myself cope with these challenges. Dr. Beach tested my son, and used the results to help him learn social skills. He gave me the skills and tools I need to help both myself and my son. Today, my son is in high school and has many friends, has improved his school performance, and is well-liked by his peers and adults. I now expect a successful future for him, something that I could not have imagined when he first Dr. Beach… [He] has also provided individual therapy for me and my adult daughter to help us deal with traumatic events in our lives. His professional skills, but more importantly, his warmth and genuine caring for my family, has helped us to develop emotional and spiritual strengths that will serve us all well throughout our lives…He is truly a blessing to my family.

Sherry B., age 60

Dr. Beach, this time of year always reminds me of you and our first few frantic appointments, we were a mess! You wouldn't believe the difference 2 years later. Thank you for being our lifeline!

Satisfied Client

As Oprah is so fond of saying, “One thing I know for sure” is that God knew you were just what I needed during the leg of my journey that we shared… Your gracious and calming manner was warm, restorative and healing. I especially appreciated the complicated things you helped me to deconstruct and understand about myself and my life. I also appreciated the skills you worked with me to develop which have enabled me to respond more productively and peacefully to situations and people that had created such chaos and frustration in my life… Thank you for praying with and for me. Thank you for accepting me for who I was right where I was and building me up through affirmation and encouragement in… I am proud of the work we did and will continue to use those skills and tools…You are most definitely working in your calling as a psychotherapist. I experienced that gift firsthand.

Female Client, age 48